Hire Nancy

“How can you help me?”

Many ways in fact. I can write articles. I can proofread and edit your work for you as well. Maybe you need someone to help you learn to read or write at a higher level. I would be happy to help with that. These are all things I can do from my home, or even the local library for tutoring.

“What about hiring you for an office job?”

I would make a very good fit in a fast-paced office since I am a natural extrovert. I am friendly, open and work well with others. I am notoriously chipper and high energy. I am organized and highly task-oriented. I love getting things done and seeing a project through to its completion. I love people, and can communicate well in written form or verbally. I also have extensive retail and direct sales experience. Just ask!

“What would be your dream job?”

A job where I am constantly learning and evolving. One where I can sharpen the skills I already have, and can also acquire new ones. I love to learn new things, and pick up new skills quickly. I would be an ideal Community Manager. I built up my blog from nothing, without any SEO or any launch plans. (not because I don’t know how to do those things – I wanted to see if my content would be found organically)

“Tell us about your work experience.”

I have worked in NYC as a paralegal in a Landlord/Tenant firm. I know how to file pleadings, serve notices, go to Court to obtain files, answer phones. maintain proper filing systems, send out correspondence to tenants and to DHCR (NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal) I know how to check in to Court on behalf of the attorneys and how to file a two-attorney stip with the Court Attorney as needed. I am used to traveling within New York City and have a great sense of direction.

I was also a legal secretary/executive assistant. I can run personal errands. Set your calendar and keep you on time for your appointments. I can take care of your mail, know who goes to voice mail, who is a priority and keep you up to date on what you need to know for the day.

I also have been working as a Community Manager. I manage social media including blogging and have helped this company gain more page views and clients with my timely and sometimes funny posts. I have a clear, distinctive writing style and have a lot to offer any job in that capacity.

“What gets you going? What do you love more than anything else?”

Finding ways to make someone happy. I love to help others.

How can we reach you?

Just use the contact form and I will get back to you. Thanks!

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