Just Get Over It

Have you ever felt like you were in a twilight zone? That things were so surreal that you wished you would just wake up and find out it was just a nightmare? That was how things went last week. It got me thinking about what it means to have people you can go to when life gets turned on its head. I kept wishing I would wake up. That never happened, and for me some weeks the truth is stranger than fiction.

I am always so hesitant to ask for help. The big reason I have difficulty asking for help is that I feel my problems are not so important. There are other things in life besides me and my problems, so I keep many major problems to myself. This is not healthy.

We walked up to the house Saturday after a day of shopping at the mall. We saw the police lights and wondered if there was yet another fight at the bar next door.

Not quite. There was a car, smashed up against our stairs, blocking our way into our house. The bottom three stairs are smashed pretty bad, and there is motor oil all over the walkway leading to the house. One of the officers told me since there is no back or side entrance, my dwelling is illegal. Just what I want to hear when my eight year old is getting upset because there are injured people at the scene and I need to get him in the house away from the accident.

I sent out a very general tweet about not feeling great, and got a really mixed response. One follower told me to focus on the good in my life. Another one told me “get over it: and yet another empathized with me and linked me to her blog post about how she deals when her life is falling apart.

It got me thinking – when is “get over it” legit advice and when is it a brushoff? There are times that I do need to get over certain things, and then there are other times when action is needed.

Today, I am taking action. I will be calling the Building Department in my town and reporting the broken stairs and the fact that this house does not have two entrances. Empowerment is not just a fun word – it requires action.

Are you just “getting over it” or are you taking action?

Broken concrete stairs

My lovely broken stairs

6 thoughts on “Just Get Over It

  1. Ah Nancy,
    I’m sorry that happened to you! Good for you for empowering yourself to take action! I’m sending you some good energy to clear your environment so better things can come in .
    Better week ahead!

    • Hi Lori,

      It was such a sight. It almost looked like something out of a movie. I am going to take action and try to clear my head a bit. I can sure use some good energy! Here is to this week getting better!


  2. Gosh, Nancy! I wish I had seen your post about not having a good week. I would never use that opportunity to promote a blog post, nor would I ever say “get over it” – particularly if I didn’t know the details. Some folks just don’t have a lot of tact.

    I hope your week gets better. ((hugs))

    • Hi Margie,

      This past week was just bizarre. I can’t even wrap my head fully around how crazy it was. The only good thing is that we were not home when the accident happened. That was a stroke of pure luck. From the way it looked, the accident must have happened just before we got home. Imagine that happening while you are home!

      I hope this week is better – it has to be, right?

      Thanks as always for being such a good friend Margie!

  3. Just take a deep breath, right……………….probably not the response you were looking for considering; especially with your son upset.

    @AriHerzog did a post on me and I felt bad for him because I thought there was a chance nobody would stop by. I did reach out to some in my community and asked if they would just stop by. I was kind of overwhelmed by the response, but that was an easy ask. If I would have asked for a place to stay or to borrow some money it would be interesting to see the response……………talk about crickets…………….:).

    Illegal residence………….lovely, huh?

    I do hope you get your matter resolved without too much stress.

    Thanks for coming to my place today.

    • When our kids are upset, we will do anything to make it better won’t we?

      I want to mention that blog post – the blog post was fine. She is a friend and the post she showed me had useful advice for me. It was better than being told to “get over it” but maybe I should thank him – I did wind up with a blog post out of it!

      I have not had the good fortune to be highlighted alone – good for you Bill! I have been highlighted in a few very nice blog posts and I am always so touched.

      Asking for money….crickets…yeah. I can see that happening to me too.

      Called the Building Department today and learned this apartment is not illegal – one less thing to worry about. Now he just needs to fix the stairs.

      Thanks for coming by Bill. My door is always open!

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