Let’s Get This Party Started – A Guest Post by Bill Dorman

Today I have a guest post from my friend, Bill Dorman. Bill was one of the first frequent visitors here. He is a good friend, so come by and say hi. I promise he won’t bite.

One thing I have learned in my limited blogging experience, just about everyone will publish a list. It might be their top 50 blog sites, it could be their top 10 smartest people they know, or it could be the top 199 blogs worth hopping to. The other thing I know, and this is because I am a glass ‘half full’ kind of guy, even though I never appear on any of these lists, I know I would have been the next guy if they just had some more room.
Therefore, when Nancy asked me if I would host her 101st post, it validated my thinking above. I just knew I would be the next guy. However, with that comes some pressure as she marches on to her next 100; I don’t even have 40 posts of my own so it is somewhat daunting to jump into a much more ‘mature’ site but I am honored and flattered.

It is time to party

100 posts is quite the accomplishment; in fact I was struggling this weekend just to come up with one for myself. Nancy does a fantastic job of not only cranking them out, but they are always interesting, engaging and readable as well.
In honor of this accomplishment we thought it would be a good time to throw an online party and invite all our friends. I’m hesitant to do any ‘lists’ even though we know who the characters are, because I want this to be an inclusive party.
We hang out at some of the same places, but it would be nice to bring in some new faces as well.

Where to from here

The only things we ask you to bring are your thoughts and suggestions; we will have the burgers, chips and beer. So, where does Nancy go from here? What kind of encore does she have for the next 100?
I would say anybody who has written 100 posts is probably here to stay. That number might pale in comparison to what our friend TheJackB has published, but I think she is past the 90 day ‘stay or go’ window.

Go Nancy Go

I have known Nancy from her early days and have had the pleasure watching her grow in this sometimes crazy, fickle world of social media.
Please wish her well on her quest of the next 100 posts.

Bill is a blogger who enjoys networking and adding value to his relationships. He is an insurance broker by profession. You can find him any day at billdorman dot me. FKA the invisible one  (www.billdorman.me) where all strays are welcome and you can even subscribe to his content. 

79 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started – A Guest Post by Bill Dorman

  1. And of course, I get to be the first to show up at the party, huh? Don’t be too quick to throw out the ‘he won’t bite’ line; you just never know how crazy the party might get…………..:)

    Congrats on the 100 posts; it’s quite the testament to your drive and desire. I look forward to watching you keep growing and it has been a real pleasure getting to know you.

    Thanks for extending the opportunity to be post 101, it’s quite the honor.

    I hope we can have some fun today; talk to you soon.

  2. Stan Faryna says:


    I never make the lists, Bill. I don’t blame them. I have been told several times that I am intimidating in the way I fight (sometimes tooth and nail) to find the beauty, truth, and goodness in the world. In us. In each other. Sometimes, I have to rip out the junk that’s in the way. To get to the real thing. The good stuff.

    But you’ll do swell, Bill. Give it a little more time. You’ll be everyone’s friend. Soon enough.

    And then everyone will want to know how you did it: how you became social media man of the year. They’ll clamor for your e-book. Mrs. Dorman will get her jaguar.

    My kudos may sound a little Monty Python-ish, but you know, I can see it. I can even bask in your glory, Bill.

    That awesome that Nancy is about to embark on her second hundred posts devoted to hope and the pursuit of happiness.


    Congrats Nancy! You rock!

    This is my first time here so I went to read your 100th post: How I got my groove back.


    My heart goes out to you. Your ex-boyfriend sucks. I’d like to pay him a visit and (forgive me the French)… make him my bitch.

    Feel free to give me his personal and business contact information. My email is stan.faryna@gmail.com

    I admire your courage to say it like it is. I admire you for keeping on. I appreciate you. You are so amazing, Nancy.

  3. Hi Bill, Hi Nancy,
    Congratulations on 100 posts – wow! I love how you say, Bill, that Nancy passed the ” 90 day ‘stay of go’ window! (Does that mean I can still back out! I’m at 77!)
    Yes, Nancy does crank them out! I don’t know how anyone does it daily! I’m in awe of that.
    Well I’m here – should I refresh the page and see if anyone else is here or just head right to the snack table!?!? :-)

    • I’m gasping to make 40………….@TheJackB uses the 90 days window of measurement as to whether you have staying power or not; I think Nancy is going to make it.

      Like Jack, I’m going to start going back to the older posts and just copy and paste and use them for my own.

      Thanks for coming by and good to see you today.

    • Hi Lori,

      Go on over to the snack table. Hopefully there is still food left!

      I blog everyday because I need to and because it is a good discipline for me. It makes me better to write every single day. I started at seven days and backed off to five. :) A few times I thought I would give up, but then I got some regular readers and kept at it. Now i can’t imagine my life without the blog. Isn’t it funny how things change?

  4. Looks like I am first here after the host and guest of honour! That’s just the way I like it, best choice of nibbles and drinks and avoiding that potential embarrassment of walking into a crowded room and not recognising anyone.:-)

    Congratulations Nancy on reaching your 100th post and on having the good sense to invite the enigmatic Bill to get your second century started. (I did include him in one of my lists by the way – he is just to modest to mention it!).

    Delighted to make your acquaintance Nancy and I wish you well as you move forward. I have had a look around here and I don’t feel qualified to make any suggestions to someone who has such a fine blogging history, other than to say just keep doing what you do and follow your instincts as they clearly haven’t let you down getting to here.

    Enjoy the party :-)


    • You did sir and it was greatly appreciated.

      I find when you are the first to the party you can just graze, you really don’t need a plate. You can always do this at the back end too, but the food has already been pawed over by that point………..:)

      Nancy does a great job and she can crank them out at will; I need to take a page from her book.

      I do appreciate you stopping by and saying hello to Nancy; it was much appreciated my friend.

  5. Wow, Nancy. All the A listers couldn’t make it ? Well, Bill is a great 8th or 9th choice. He is a trooper. So glad he could fill in.

    Ha ! I just can’t resist bustin on you, Bill. Seriously, Nancy, I can’t think of a better guy to get a Party started ! Yeah, Baby ! Thanks Bill, for doing this and for all you bring to the table. love your wit, humor and writing style. Now, if we could just get you to cheer for the right team (BAMA).

    So proud of you Nancy, and all you have accomplished and overcome. i have said it before, when you write, i can feel your hurt and your joy. It is a gift to be able to write like that. Thanks for doing what you do and keepin it real.

    Nothing but the best for you. Continued success.

    One day and one blog at a time. The sky is the limit.


    • Me and Kathy Griffin are part of the D team; when you said 8th or 9th you were being generous. I’m Google +; whatever the list is, just add one and I would have been ‘that guy’…………..:).

      Nancy can write, can’t she. It was fun to do this………..

  6. Hey guys!
    I want to help Nancy make some money! I know blogging isn’t supposed to be about that, but it seems to me that she has put it out there that she wants a better job, she has a cute little boy she’s raising, AND she’s a good writer…just sayin’..
    So Nancy, why not let us in and we’ll help spread the word about your short stories, novels, etc.? Wouldn’t it be fun to see what we could do as a community of friends to support you launch into a new career? I think it would.
    No matter what I’ll still be here to read because you make me laugh, cry and think!
    Those are my thoughts this Wednesday morning.

    • I think Nancy is ready to take the jump somewhere; I just told her it couldn’t be the Brooklyn Bridge.

      She’s working it hard and trying to find her way and I think she’s on the right path; yes, money would be good for her and hopefully she can find a way to make that happen.

      Thanks for coming by Betsy, so good to see you.

  7. Quite a week getting to post 100 and having Mr. Dorman do a guest post in your honor. Congrats again Nancy!

    I’ve just only gotten to the 50 post mark myself, but I’m more tortoise than hare with this. It’s all about the commitment and the quality…that you got, Nancy!

    • Me and you both bro; and I just recently started twice a wk with some GP’s sprinkled in. Don’t want to get too crazy, do we?

      So good to see you Joe and thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Hope all is well, sir.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for coming by, and it has been one heck of a week already! it really is quality over quantity.

      I know people that post twice a day, and I have no idea how they do it. :) i am in awe of them.

  8. It’s so funny how we gravitate to numbers as milestones of accomplishment. I remember when I had the same number of tweets, the same number of followers and the same number of peeps following me. It was a trifecta — a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment, and it was so cool for 3 minutes.

    Getting to 100 is quite the feat; good for you to plod along not knowing who’s coming to the party. Great you have your new emcee King Bill! What a rebel. Then you can always count on Stan the Man to liven things up, too!

    Congrats, Nancy…bring it to 200!

    • Hello, she who rocks hot. Thanks so much for coming by to celebrate Nancy’s big accomplishment. It is funny how we keep track of the numbers; your trifecta was pretty cool.

      Speaking of plodding, I can do that very well I’m afraid. Didn’t the tortoise win that race anyway?

      I hope your day is going well.

    • We do all love numbers don’t we? I got very excited to get to 500 followers on Twitter. 50 blog posts was a good milestone, but 100 is special to me. It means I am here for the long haul.

      That “trifecta” sounds cool BTW – I love when numbers work out like that – even just for a moment.

      I will be bringing it to 200! Come and visit me anytime!

  9. Someone mentioned an avatar so here’s a tip. WordPress.com-hosted blogs pull avatars from Gravatar or WordPress.com OpenID data. Updating your gravatar is easy. Just go to Gravatar.com and register your e-mail address. Keep in mind that this is different than listing your e-mail address in the contacts, which can attract spam. 8)

    • Yomar, my newest tribe-mate; so good to see you my friend. Hopefully, you didn’t drag the cowbell in as that’s still my gig…………..just sayin’………..:)

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and offer helpful advice.

  10. Hi Bill. Man, you are appearing just about everywhere these days. Glad to see you here.

    I certainly agree that Nancy writes interesting, engaging, and fun content. She is quite the prolific writer. Not sure I could keep up with her disciplined pace :)

    I just think Nancy needs to keep doing what she does best: Honest, thoughtful writing, with the occasional big hair, rock ‘n’ roll story thrown in. Here’s to 100 more!

    • Billy Idol hair; still waiting to see the pix. Now if she were to go to 2 a day we could have the next party a lot sooner, huh?

      I started out w/ once a wk and that was plenty for me. For some reason I got the wild hair to do twice a week w/ some guest posts included………what was I thinking?

      Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well in the great NW today.

      • Billy Idol hair on Nancy is something I want to see. Sunny in the great NW, sunny I say. Once a week sounds like a good starting off pace, but man, you are way beyond that now with this guest posting business.

    • Hi Craig,

      I promise to throw in an “80s hair” post every so often so you all can laugh. :) My 25th High School Reunion is this year so there will be more 80s posts for sure.

      You know Bill is everywhere Craig. I don’t know how he does it. I am in awe of his ability to draw a crowd. :) I need to take a few pages from his book.

      I am waiting for your blog to launch my friend. Can’t wait for that! Hope you are doing good up in Seattle!

  11. Go Nancy go! I’m so happy to meet you. This is actually a great party.
    Sometimes people interact with me very weird over social websites. Guess I can tell when I find cool people or trolls.

    Today I discovered an awesome person thanks to super cool Bill Dorman.

    • Super cool, huh? Have you been talking to Hajra? I appreciate your support and kind words. Nancy is an awesome person and you should definitely take the time to get to know her.

      Thanks for coming by and hope your day has been good my friend.

  12. Congrats, Nancy! 100 Posts is nothing to sneeze at! I’m impressed. I just checked my own post count (having no idea, mind you!) and I’m at 89…11 more to go – woot! woot!

    In all seriousness, Nancy, it’s dedication like yours that make good blogs turn into great ones. Keep at it! You’re doing a great job!

    • Do video blogs count as posts? What if they are over 2 minutes long? Wow, you have a big number too; I’m impressed. I’m trying to keep my post count equal to my follower count – 40.

      She is definitely dedicated.

      Thanks for stopping by Erica and joining in on the big 100 celebration. So good to see you.

    • Thank you so much Erica. This blog has started out being just a hobby and is becoming so much more to me. There is so much to blog about and not enough hours in the day.

      I am dedicated to growing my blog and seeing how far it can go. I especially want to be able to reach out to those who have had a hard time who think there is no hope and tell them that is not the case.

      This truly is a labor of love for me, and I am glad that you are here to help me celebrate!

  13. I am proud to say I was on Tony’s list!!! And that was back when I was a fledgling blogger. I will thank Tony forever. As a matter of fact, this week on my blog is Twitter week and I will be mentioning Tony because he helped me grow my Twitter following.

    Enough about Tony, what about Bill? I am picturing you with a lamp shade on your head, potato chip crumbs on your golf shirt and a beer in hand, running a muck on someones shag carpet. LOL!

    And Nancy! Congrats on your 100th post. Now back in the old days of blogging (like 2 years ago, lol) people would write “100 Things About Me”, since you missed that, you now have to do that for your 200th post!! Ha ha! “200 Things About Nancy.”

    Have a great day!

    • 200! I better start now! Bill is busy cleaning up. Someone made a mess and what happened to that lamp…? Bill is a good guy. I tease him a lot, but he can take it. :)

      Bill running amok sounds about right :) He is around here somewhere…:)

    • The good news is, at least you saw me at the party. The last gig I was at I woke up in the flower bed with pine needles stuck to my face, my shirt was on backwards and it wasn’t even my house.

      Tony is a good guy; I did make one of his lists and it was very much appreciated.

      Kind of crazy day, but good day. I had to make an economic development presentation to this group from So o’ France; think they knew what I was saying? I needed Falchetto there; actually they were from a place one hour from where he lives.

      Thanks for coming by, hope you had a good time………..:)

  14. Hey Bill! I’m ready for the party. Did anyone bring ice cream? It’s still pretty early here on the west coast and it’s already 90 degrees. East coasters are used to the humidity we’re having, but we Californians are total wimps!

    You’ve done a great job putting together a celebration of Nancy’s accomplishments. I think she just needs to keep writing from the heart, and the next 100 will be awesome as well.

    Nancy, Congrats again! :-)

    • Hi Marianne,

      There is always ice cream here. I love Root Beer Floats. :) Mmmmm……….a burger, fries and a root beer float. Yep. That sounds about right. What wants to go to Five Guys?

    • I think I told you my Black’s Beach story; the hotel we stayed at didn’t even have air conditioning. I’m thinking you must not get humidity too much. It’s a way of life in the F L A.

      I was hear early and had to duck out for a little bit; playing catch-up now. Thanks for stopping by; much appreciated.

  15. I guess I should start feeling honored then because I’ve now made some lists. Yours to be exact Mr. Dorman for the Versatile bloggers award so thank you again for that.

    This is my first visit here at Nancy’s place but I can see she’s got a great place here. I think it’s very safe to say she’s here to stay if she’s made it this far. So if you’re having a party, I’m definitely there. But can we do it inside! I’m pretty worn out from all this heat! I’m melting over here! Didn’t buy that one did ya! lol…

    Here’s to the next 100 posts Nancy and for you both making it on many more lists to come. I have no doubt you’ll both be accomplishing that soon. By the way Bill, I just updated my “42 Blogs Worth Mentioning” report and you made that list! Yep, most definitely so watch out my friend!

    Thanks for the invite and enjoyed the post. Congratulations Nancy for making it to 101. Here’s to the next 101.. :-)

    • Suhweeet; if you whine long enough someone will put you on a list. I’m glad you made it 42, 40 might have cut me off…………….:)

      I’m glad you could stop by and hopefully you can come back; she’s known to write some pretty powerful stuff.

      Anybody that can do 100 on their own deserves a big party, right?

      I will be looking for the report………….yay………

  16. Hey Nancy, Congratulations on the golden blog! #100 is truly an accomplishment. What better way to celebrate than with Mr. Party, Bill Dorman? What a stroke of genius to have him guest host your party, er, blog.

    That lamp you were wondering about? It’s still there on the table. You just didn’t recognize it without its lampshade. Bill, take that silly thing off of your head. You can come up with a better party hat than that!

    Bill, you’re number one on my Bloggers Who Are Awesome and Fun! list. No one throws a party like you do!

    But my blog lists are mostly about apps. Develop an app and I’ll put it on a list. I promise.

    Thanks for inviting me to the party, Bill. I am so excited to have found Nancy’s amazing blog. Her post #100 is truly touching and inspirational.

    I noticed you were missing some whipped cream. I just happened to have brought some! Let the festivities begin. :-D

    • Did someone say ‘whipped cream’? Now we are going to have some fun.

      Yes, I think I will develop the Bill’s party app so you can write about it. I thought I was looking pretty suave with the lampshade on ma’am.

      This is an amazing place and Ms Nancy does a great job, hope you can visit her again.

      I do appreciate you coming by, it was very much appreciated.

  17. Congrats Nancy, getting to 100 posts. I probably need to pay more attention to these milestones (just checked, I’m at 139). I did blog about a Twitterversary once, good to reflect on the steps that get us here. Thoughts and suggestions, normally I’d say to try something different but really, you bravely venture out on some limbs so I think just keep doing what’s working for you.

    And h/t to you Bill for taking the time to shine light on someone else when it’s your guest post, nicely done. One question: where’s my beer, and do you have Checkers fries? Ok, that was 2 questions. FWIW.

  18. Yes, and yes. Cold beer and a large order of fresh Checker’s fries. Mmmmm….

    139, wow that’s a big number too. Maybe you can do a 150 milestone, huh?

    Nancy’s out there at times, maybe she could start blogging about knitting or something; how about cats?

    So good to see you Ms D; those Tigers are moving right up the polls.

    Thanks for coming by today.

    • Mmm.. now I really want those fries. I will have to look at some of the metrics, the numbers and see what I can make of it.. hopefully something readable. Cats are a winner, but kittens are gold! Especially tiger kitties, Geaux babies. :-)

  19. Nancy and Bill, aloha. Thx for inviting me to the party. In Hawaii, of course, it would be a luau–a feast of food and friendship.

    Nancy, let me begin by saying CONGRATULATIONS on your first 100 posts. What an accomplishment; especially in such a short period of time.

    Bill, mahalo nui loa for inviting me to the party and CONGRATULATIONS to you for making The List! Don’t you just love it when you are right?

    Nancy, in answer to your and Bill’s question, the answer is simple. Go where your writing takes you. Travel the journey from you heart and mind. As it flows from you, some will follow, some will fall off; new folks will find you. Nancy, your blog is about you and your messages are for those for whom they resonate.

    A blog is “living” and evolves just as we do. In skimming through some of your posts before commenting, it is obvious you are going through quite an evolution. Dare I say a metamorphosis?

    Nancy, you have built a community of people who like what you have to say so keep saying it.

    Best wishes to you both for a fabulous rest of the week. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    P.S. Thx again, Bill, for inviting me to the party and for introducing me to Nancy. And, of course, congratulations on your guest post.

    • Ok Janet, that was pretty deep, meaningful and well said. Of course, I expect that from you. I also liked what you said about going where you writing takes you & some will follow and some will fall off and new folks will find you. I used to worry about who was and was not showing up. But like you said, what you write will resonate with some and not with others. If you follow your heart everything else should take care of itself. Only validate yourself, you don’t need others to validate you.

      Nancy does a great job and I’m glad she is moving forward and growing on her journey.

      I do appreciate the tribe showing up; did you see the others up there?

      Thanks much, it was appreciated.

      • Yes, Bill, I was delighted to see the Rockstars in attendance. Not surprising, however, as we are a very supportive group. Stan does an excellent job showing and encouraging support. He does it so beautifully you just naturally want to be a part of it. As time goes on, our tribe his becoming even more of a cohesive community. It’s terrific. And now, of course, dear Adrienne is with us.

        Quite a party going on for Nancy. Think I will go have a glass of champagne to celebrate.

  20. Forget the cake, I’ll just take a beer;) Congrats Nancy! That’s truly awesome! It’s also wonderful that your blog is doing something for you emotionally. That was a good call choosing Bill to kick off your next 100. Now I’m off to tool around your blog, read some other posts you wrote, drink my beer and mingle!


    • I’m with you on the beer; I would rather have beer and pretzels instead of cake anyway. Some of her posts are powerful; the one I read on April 28 knocked me back. I was used to this nice, love-fest social media crowd and when I read it I said ‘whoa, who is this’? Ms Nancy of course…………:)

      I’m glad you could make it by; I have some cold ones stashed in the cooler in the backyard so don’t worry about us running out.

      I hope your day went well. So good to see you.

  21. Hi, Nancy.

    Congratulations for having churned out 100 posts already! You are one of the most open women I know and I admire you for that. It is not often that we see women with such courage and spirit as you. I am quite honored to have known you. As to the news about your grandfather’s passing, I am very sorry. I also know how it is to lose a loved one and I empathize. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    And, hey, Bill, you do know how to get a party started and going, huh? I am also a bit late to this party, so I am hoping that there are still zucchini bread and cookies left. Oh, and need I mention that you have been in one of my lists?

    Thanks for inviting me here, Bill. It’s a pleasure to read you and to visit Nancy’s place as well.

    • Yes I have been on one of your lists and it was much appreciated. I know someone can’t be on every list so I like to poke fun when I don’t see my name mentioned. I’m sure someone will have the top 5 whiners list and I will probably one, two or three…………

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you bringing me up to date with what is going on with you right now. Good luck with that and just take it easy as you can.

      I kept some beer out back in a cooler and I can smell the bread baking as we speak.

    • When you sent that tweet trying to be funny, I tried to respond with what Nancy was talking about my phone was really acting crazy last night. That’s certainly one thing that can happen in these tweet streams if you don’t see if from the first. However, I know Nancy understands and it’s all good.

  22. Ok, I am late to the party :( But yay for Nancy. I am new to your blog and have probably checked out less than one tenth of the total number but I am already in love with what you have to say… every time!

    As for Bill…. can you get any better Dorman? ;)

    • Don’t worry Hajra. You can come late to my party any time you like :) Bill is a good sport and he did a great job taking over my blog for the day. he has really become a very good friend. He is one of a kind isn’t he?

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