Why Don’t You Just Get a Job?

Yesterday I had two job interviews. I only made it to the first one. I got taken out into the field and hired on the spot right after that. My run of being without full time work is over!

I am going back to B2B sales. Since I love talking to people, this will work out nicely. I have done this kind of work before and it can be hard, but it is not impossible. You just have to be willing to hear a whole lot of people tell you “no” until you hear the ones that tell you “yes.” To me, sales is a numbers game. The more people I see in a day, the better my chance that you will say “yes”

So, how will this change things in my life and on the blog? I think things will change in my life for the better. I finally have a sense of hope. I may not see the end yet, but I am working my way out from under. Will this take time? Yes. Can I do it? Can I rebuild my life again? Absolutely.

I will post as normal, but may not reply to comments until I get home from work. I will be around on Twitter, just not as much. I may continue to look for work, because lets face facts – you are more attractive to a potential employer if you are already working than if you are unemployed.

Now I get to go back to work and learn another language while I am at it. That’s right amigo. I need to learn Spanish. Thankfully, I have a friend who can teach me Spanish. I will now be working in an area where Spanish is the dominant language. I need to adapt and learn Spanish. I took it in high school and did well. I am confident I can pick it back up. The good part about that is being able to communicate with a larger number of people and it will be another skill for my resume.

Bad situations don’t last forever. Things can change in a day, or even in a minute. Life is full of opportunities if we are on the lookout for them.

I am so grateful that I have friends here who gently pushed me along the whole way. There are days that the landlord comes demanding money still. Those days I really lose hope. I have to remember I may be down but I am never out. The fat lady has not sung yet.

She is in the corner with duct tape on her mouth. She can’t sing.

No matter how bad life seems, there is always someone who has it worse. I just remind myself how fortunate I really am, and go to bed thankful for all that life has to offer.

16 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Just Get a Job?

  1. Nancy once again congratulations, I am so happy to know you have found a job. This morning was my dream come true when I saw your post about finding a job, I knew it would happen. I know you still have a long road ahead but hey this is one great start. I am so happy for you, I wish you nothing but the best from this day forward. Good on you for your determination and finding this new start.

  2. Que es una gran noticia Nancy, sólo ser persistente y metódica y las ventas vendrán. No sólo significa que tal vez, ¿verdad?

    See, I will go ahead and get you started; can’t wait to hear the Joisey Spanish accent.

    Good luck and to brighter days ahead.

  3. Congratulations, Nancy! I am very happy for you and I wish you the best of luck with your new job and getting reacquainted with Spanish.

    Love the picture of the fat lady with the duct tape.

    You set an example of never losing hope in the direst of circumstances and keep looking for that open window or door. And thank you for reminding us to be thankful.

  4. Congratulations Nancy! That is such excellent news. You are a testament to sticking with things when they get seriously rough and, though you may sometimes want to, never giving up hope.

    You are truly an inspiration. Pure awesome.

    • I am still looking though, the search is not over. I needed to get something, and I did. Looking for work gets easier when you actually have a job instead of being out of work.

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