My Personal A-List – A Tribute For Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is March 8th. I wanted to do a special post for the women in my life online and off who mean so much to me. I think we need to remind each other how important we are to each other and this is one way to say “thank you” to these special ladies

Erin Feldman – I met Erin while commenting on one of my favorite blogs, Spin Sucks. My very first guest post anywhere was on Erin’s blog, and through that, we became friends. I love Erin for a lot of reasons, but one of the main things about her is her uncanny ability to remind us who we are through her drawings. A few weeks ago, Erin did a drawing for me with me as Wonder Woman. She said I needed to get in touch with that fact and whenever I pull that picture up, I smile.

Margie Clayman – If you read my blog, you know who Margie is. I met Margie early on when I started using Twitter. Margie is one of the most supportive and encouraging people I know. Margie has been reading my blog from the beginning, and I cannot imagine life without her humor and kindness. We have many things in common, especially our love of doing good and making the world a better place.

Gini Dietrich – Even though she lost out in head to head combat with bacon, I still love Gini. She is smart and successful and just wrote a book! She is the total package, and still can remain kind and truly helpful to other women. Meeting Gini was one of my big highlights from last year. The best part about meeting her? It felt like we knew each other our whole lives. You don’t find that everyday. Gini has been texting and following up with me to see how I am doing and that friendship is really amazing to me.

Shonali Burke – I started commenting on Shonali’s blog a while back. What struck me most was the fact that she is always teaching, but not in that “I know more than you do” kind of way, but rather in that “Here, let me show you how this works” kind of way. I have tremendous respect for her. She runs her “agency of one” as she says, and gets more done in a day that most of us do in a week. She has a real love of people too, and that shines through every time I talk to her, either online or off.

I also have a wonderful list of women who are not online but who I could not live without. Through Facebook I got reconnected with my best childhood friend, Kathy who is living the life she always wanted. I have other amazing friends who have helped me through all kinds of situations. Life is so much better with great friends around you.

Lastly, I want to thank my Mom who passed away March 31, 2005. My Mom gave me my love of reading, and the English language in general. She wanted to be an English teacher, so she married a guy from the South Bronx who butchered the English language on a regular basis. I know Mom would be really pleased with this blog. Every time I correct my son’s grammar, I hear my Mom in my head. It is not a bad thing.

So, this is my personal A-list. I love all of these women and would hate to live life without them.

What women have made a difference in your life?

13 thoughts on “My Personal A-List – A Tribute For Women’s Day

  1. Really nice honor to three amazing women (and thank you from me!). It’s been a rough few months for you and I’m so pleased to see how you’re pulling through, taking control of your life, and doing it all with such a positive attitude. Love you!

    • I have you to thank for calling, texting and checking up on me in general. Without people like you, the past few months would have been much worse. I love you too!

  2. What a lovely post, Nancy – and thank you! Getting to know you has been one of the bright spots of the last year – not that it’s been all dark for me, but you’re just so… refreshing, inspiring, and I am truly humbled by your positive attitude in the face of adversity.

    And you’re not positive in a barfshiny way; you tell it like it really is, and when I read your posts, even though I may not always comment, I take so much away with me. You know one of the best things about you? You MAKE things happen. That characteristic alone is incredible.

    Thank you again and I am so, so happy we are friends; yes, “friends,” even though we have not (yet) met IRL. And don’t forget to let me know that other thing we talked about, whenever you can. No pressure. :)

    • Shonali, I think you are amazing. I did meet you very briefly at BlogWorld last May, but I think you were rushing off to go speak.

      I love that you read posts of mine, and that they inspire some of yours. I read your “Letter To My Younger Self” on my phone and cried. I did not have internet at home at the time, so I could not comment. I was not only struck by your honesty in that post, but how a post of mine inspired it in the first place.

      Those are the things that keep a relatively new blogger like me going.

      Thanks again for all that you do. You have been a joy getting to know.

  3. Thank you again for including me in your list! It’s an honor. I treasure our friendship, too. You’ve helped me through some dark spots and interjected some humor (even if it’s a dumb bacon joke) into the dreary days.

    I’m almost finished with setting up my new site, and it’s going to be open for guest posts. You’re always welcome at Write Right as a commenter or writer. :)

    Gini and Shonali have both been instrumental in my life in the past year. My mom plays an important role in my life, too. Lately, though, it’s been my roommate. She’s hilarious and gets me to go play when I probably would work. I think she balances my sometimes obsessive-compulsive nature.

    • I thought all bacon jokes were intelligent! :) I am glad I was able to help!

      I am looking forward to your new site. I love the fact that you did not give, up you just adjusted your sail. That is what makes me really happy that I know you.

      We take our lumps as they come, but it is what we do with those situations that makes us special. You, are special indeed my friend.

  4. I read and chat with all four of these fine ladies – and yourself – though not near as often as I’d like to. This is a very nice ‘thank you’ – and speaks so well of you, knowing your struggles (wish you only the best).

    I’ve got people in my life who mean the world to me. There’s family; there’s the BFF who I call 3 times a day, the BFF I talk to occasionally but is there to listen and give the frank, sometimes tough talk, these people absolutely make my life better. Very grateful, thanks for the reminder how lucky I am. FWIW.

    • It is really nice to see you Davina. I just don’t get online the way I used to. I am glad to see everyone and happy to know that we all have those people in our lives who hold our hands, and others who give us a swift kick in the rear. :)

  5. That is a very nice list of women and I am pleased to say that I have had the opportunity to interact with them all.

    Not to mention you Nancy, can’t forget you here either.

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