When Life Hands You Lemons…

There is an old saying that goes “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” The most successful people in this world are not the ones who got the lucky breaks. The most successful men and women are the ones who came back after tough setbacks better and stronger than they were before.

One of the biggest challenges when life gets tough is the temptation to give in, to say “the hell with it.”

That is the coward’s way out.

The harder road to take is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, take an honest look at what you have and what you need and fill in those gaps accordingly. It takes real humility to take stock of what we have and what we lack.

This is what separates those who succeed from those who fail. One of the most important traits in any entrepreneur is having a circle of trusted friends around to help with making important decisions. Lately, some of my friends have not been around. This is something that happens when there is a lot of turmoil in a person’s life.

When life hands you lemons, you find out really fast who your friends are.

The reality is that we all have our own problems. When our friends are not in a good place we have a choice to make. We can reach out or we can withdraw. We have the ability to help someone who cannot make lemonade for themselves to see that there is always hope even on the darkest days.

No matter what goes on in life, no matter how difficult the challenges may be, giving up and quitting is never the solution. The answer can be right around the corner. It can be in a friendly text message or an encouraging email.

Have you encouraged anyone today?

15 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons…

  1. Hola ma’am; I’m sorry to hear you are still struggling. i apologize for not reaching out, but somewhere along the way I thought I saw you mention you didn’t have a computer or internet access.

    There will be brighter days ahead; just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Good luck.

    • Hola amigo,

      Things here are looking up slowly but surely. I am talking more about those who have other means of getting in touch. The other point I really wanted to make sure I make is that all it takes is one text or email or any other way to reach out to really make a difference in how people see things.

      How are things in Florida? Are you getting around via boat or what? Stay safe with that storm around alright?

  2. In October 2008, when the bank called our loan (we owed $350,000), I really considered throwing in the towel and running away from it all. I cried. A lot. I withdrew. I became depressed. And then I read a quote from Confucius that said (I’m paraphrasing): It’s not in that you fail, but in how you pick yourself up when you do.

    I had to decide…did I want people to remember me as the person who gave us and ran away when the going got tough or as the person who pulled myself up and made it work.

    It’s been four years and it’s been long and exhausting. But I did it. And it was worth it.

    I’m glad you’re blogging again. I miss you.

    • I remember you telling me about that and I think about that story often. It serves as a reminder that giving up is never an option and that these things take time to work ouit.

      You always seem to text me at the exact right time too. I love you for that. I do hope I get to see you soon. If you head out this way, come and visit. I think we need to go shoe shopping!

      I am glad to be blogging again. I missed everyone.

  3. Yay! A blog post from the indefatigable Nancy A. Davis!

    I’m sorry if I was one of the people who didn’t reach out to you. I knew you were having internet and phone issues. I guess they’ve been resolved for the time being?

    • You my dear, always made a point of trying to talk to me or comment any time you saw me online. You are someone I consider to be a really close friend and we have Ms. Gini to thank for that.

      Internet and phone issues have been resolved.

  4. Saw this quote yesterday: It’s only semi-related to your post, but the lemon thing reminded me of it.

    “Dear Life, I have a complete grasp on the fact that you are not fair…so please quit teaching me that lesson.”

    My friends mean everything to me. I’m strong. I know that. But what is a life without friends, no matter how strong you’ve proven yourself to be? I don’t think we are meant to go it alone, even though we can. The key is remembering that those little things, the phone calls, etc., really do matter. They all add up to community. Right?

    Thanks, Nancy

    • I love that quote Betsy. I never heard that one before. You really hit the nail right on the head, we can do these things alone but why? Without social interaction, without friends, life becomes colorless and dull. Sure, we could survive alone if we had to but it makes life so much better when we have others to share life’s trials and tribulations with.

  5. Nancy, I just shared this all over the internets. What an amazing post from an amazing woman. I’ve missed you! I just finished my degree last week — very much looking forward to reconnecting with you.

    • Congrats lady! I have missed you too! So excited for you that you finished your degree – you are a great testament to hard work. I don’t know how you do it all and make it look easy.

  6. I missed you! I am glad you are back. And I hope things are getting better. Life always throws crap at us, we just need to laugh right back at it! :)

  7. Am I glad to see you again, Nancy, and with a lovely post on top! I love the lemon analogy: accept whatever life throws your way and turn it into something sweet.

    Like Betsy said we need social interactions, we are meant to share our happiness and misery with our friends and/or family, sharing makes the burden lighter. ;-)

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